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A Developmental Early Childhood Program


The Jenkins School curriculum is designed to meet the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the student. This approach calls for a flexible daily program which provides learning experiences in the areas of cognitive skills, language skills, mathematics, and science skills.  The curriculum also provides learning experiences in social, emotional, and physical development. Experimentation, discovery, and creativity are encouraged through creative experiences in the Arts. The Administration, Teachers, staff, and parents work as a supportive partnership to nuture an environment of total development for the students while creating a love for learning.


Program Philosophy


A quality developmental early childhood program is based on an integrated curriculum involving all areas of the student’s growth including physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and aesthetic. Opportunities are provided for the student to learn in a positive and nurturing environment; talking and listening with peers and adults, manipulating a wide variety of materials, and participating in meaningful activities and experiences. The importance of play, as well as more structured activities, is recognized as the major way in which young children learn.


A developmental model also recognizes that the young student’s family is the major source for learning. A supportive partnership between home and school is emphasized as a necessary element is promoting the student’s total development.


Some students, due to age and maturity, are not ready for entrance into Kindergarten or first grade after a Pre-Kindergarten experience. Another year of Pre-Kindergarten is often recommended for these children. Assessment of each student’s readiness for learning skills is a continual process at The Jenkins School. We feel a student should be both ready and willing to learn and should not be pushed into formal academics before readiness is indicated.

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