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Our Preschool students learn and grow in a nurturing and safe environment that fosters the development of social skills and provides an early educational foundation. The Preschool curriculum introduces early math, literacy and science skills through exploratory play, hands-on activities, small group centers and circle time. Bi-weekly thematic units guide the learning that takes place in and out of the classroom. In daily circle time students establish a routine by discussing the days of the week, months of the year and weather. Our students explore early educational skills, such as identifying numbers 0-10,_ _letter identification, fine motor development and name writing. The goal of our Preschool program is to help our students grow socially, emotionally and academically, while instilling a love of learning.



Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum encourages students to learn and grow through thematic play and academic learning experiences. Bi-weekly themes incorporate whole group hands-on activities, and small group center instruction. Each day the students participate in morning circle where they learn songs, read thematic stories, and strengthen positive peer interactions.



Our Kindergarten program helps students grow socially, emotionally and academically in a nurturing classroom environment. Our small class size allows the teacher to spend more one on one time with each individual student, differentiating the curriculum to meet his or her unique needs. Through a variety of hands on activities, cooperative projects, small groups, centers, and circle time, students build foundational math, literacy, science and social studies skills. Great focus is also placed on the development of appropriate social skills and learning to work cooperatively within a group setting. 


In Reading Workshop, books are celebrated and emergent level reading skills are honed and practiced. In Writing Workshop, a love of writing is developed through a variety of teacher modeling and mentor texts. In math, daily explorations build number sense, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. 


Our Kindergarten program also incorporates monthly STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) challenges where the students work in cooperative groups to complete engineering challenges. Through this project-based learning, students practice collaboration, verbal communication, and have the opportunity to apply the math and literacy skills they are learning in the classroom to "real-world" problems.

Extended Learning


The Extended Learning Program is offered from 1:00 pm. until 3:30 pm. to our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students who choose to extend their learning for the full school day. This program's curriculum supports continued growth in literacy, math, science, social studies and art. Each day, there is a read aloud that relates to the current theme. Following the read aloud students participate in a variety of hands on activities. The students form relationships with friends that promote growth in peer relationships and self-awareness.

Music and Art


In our Music program students will sing new and familiar songs and play a variety of instruments while moving to the music of a different weekly theme. Basic rhythm concepts are introduced as students learn how to speak and create their own rhythm patterns. Kindergarten students learn how the rhythms translate on the music staff as they explore reading music while playing instruments. The students also experience basic sign language and Spanish through song. 

In our Art program students are encouraged to explore and create while learning about artists, mediums and genres. Each class incorporates one or more of the elements of art - color, texture, line, space, shape and tone/value. The students have the opportunity to create a variety of fun projects based on the artwork of artists from different genres, while using a wide range of materials, while fostering individual creativity. In the spring, all of our student's art projects fill the halls and walls of the school at our "Evening of the Arts" for family and friends to enjoy.

Before and After School Programs


Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Enrichment Programare enrichment programs that include instructional themes that integrate math, science, literacy, social studies, physical education and creative arts. During each day the students will be engaged in structured and interactive activities that require them to work collaboratively. Along with structured academic activities, the students will have many opportunities to exercise their gross motor skills through indoor and outdoor recess. These programs are half days on Monday through Friday. Sessions are scheduled from 12:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Summer Camp Programs


The Jenkins Summer Camp Program offers a variety of structured activities that center around a weekly theme for children ages 3-8. Children experience and explore each theme through art, games, music and hands on activities. Please see our Summer Camp brochure for specific information on weekly themes and fees.

More information and registration documents can be found on our Forms Page.

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